Olivia Fecteau

I believe we make sense of our lives through stories.

As a journalist, I consider it a privilege to tell the stories of people in my community, to be invited into their lives on a daily basis and to bring viewers into places they may not otherwise see and allow them to meet the people with whom their paths may never cross.

The flip side of that privilege and honor is responsibility…seeking the truth, providing context and analysis, asking tough questions and holding those in power accountable.

The narrative arc of my reporting career has taken me from my hometown of East Syracuse, N.Y. to Washington D.C., to Huntington, W.Va., Providence, R.I., Columbus, Ohio, and Cleveland, Ohio.

The common thread, I’m realizing, is the humanity I’ve experienced in each place. Being a part of each community has shown me beauty and good in people, even when some of the things we cover can be horrifying and unreal. It’s simultaneously what keeps me humble and keeps me hungry for the next story.