Miracle I made it through the things I did

Six days ago, I emerged from the haze of undergraduate life and returned to life at my parents’ house. A box of half-eaten food, a Bachelor of Science degree and a ridiculous amount of memories made the journey with me.

I begin a new chapter of my life in three weeks — grad school for broadcast journalism. Until then, I’m in limbo.

I turn 22 next week. I move into my new apartment on July 1st. I start class on July 5th. If anything can top the last four years, the next 18 months may be it.

Somewhere between child and adult, college and grad school, one chapter and the next, I suddenly find myself with too much free time and too many thoughts. Suddenly, 140 characters on Twitter seems too little space for my impending quarter-life crisis.

This blog is the first I’ve had since my LiveJournal days, so the posts will probably be all over the place. I expect there will be insane descriptions of my cooking & eating foodie adventures, philosophical musings about life & grad school, and the occasional quotation drop. Essentially, my Twitter in long form. Get ready to rock.

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