Chaos is a friend of mine

With several more days of enviable meals and Boston fun under my belt, I’m back to tell some stories!

On Thursday I dragged Dan to the track to run, and he actually ran one mile with me. This is a bigger deal than you might think — I’ve been begging him for two years to run with me and he finally gave in. It was sultry out to say the least: the kind of heat that makes track running unbearable because the heat just emanates from below and sears your skin.

After a much-needed shower and leftovers for lunch, we went to Legacy Place, a shopping plaza in Dedham, with Dan’s mom. I discovered my new favorite store: Love Culture, where I bought adorable sandals, a dress, and some shirts. Around 4 pm, we returned home to get ready for…THE BOSTON POPS! But first, dinner at Tantric.

With our certificate, we needed to spend $45 to get $25 off. Needless to say, that was a ton of food. To start, we split a mango lassi and an order of lamb seekh kebabs (mint-infused, with cucumber chutney). For entrees, we ate saag paneer and aloo gobi, with basmati rice and roti on the side. Probably the only time Dan will ever eat a mostly vegetarian meal, but I think he secretly enjoyed it. The food was phenomenal. Sadly, we were stuffed halfway through, so we took the rest to go.

After a smartphone map fail, we made it to the Pops at 7:50, on time by the skin of our teeth. The concert was amazing and I absolutely loved seeing Julia Murney. Stephanie Block was also fantastic and so entertaining. Definitely a perfect introduction to the BSO, since I’d never been before but would love to go in the future! Afterward we tried Red Mango, which I thought was better than Pinkberry but still didn’t live up to the hype. I did like that Red Mango has all-natural ingredients though! My froyo was dark chocolate flavored, with banana, chocolate chips, raspberries and blackberries.

The next day (Friday) we went to the track again and I ran four miles while Dan had a conference call. We had a lazy afternoon and watched some HIMYM. His parents had to attend a funeral that afternoon, but his mom left dinner for us: sauteed spinach with soy/oyster sauce, apricot noodle kugel with cinnamon sugar on top, and a sweet brisket (I think also with apricot juice). We took the T into Boston and headed to the North End for a pecan caramel brownie at Mike’s Pastry before meeting my brother and his two friends for drinks at the Lenox Hotel.

There, I confirmed my love affair with gin. My first drink was a P/C Southside, made with gin, cucumber, mint, POM and lime juice. It was served with crushed ice (not my favorite thing in a drink) but hardly any noticeable alcohol taste (my favorite thing in a drink). The other drink was a Tom Collins, which will be my future go-to cocktail as I continue to morph into Betty Draper (the red 1950s wedges that I bought recently may be contributing as well). The T took forever that night, so we sat at Copley for a solid half hour before one came.

The next day was the Bruins parade, so we slept in a bit in order to avoid the traffic from that. For lunch, Dan and his mom and I made salmon burgers and a spinach salad with tons of veggies. We got into Boston around 2:30 after T delays and went to Mike’s Pastry again. The previous night I was craving a lobster tail (sfogliatelle), but Dan had a once-in-a-blue-moon chocolate craving so I took full advantage. ;) So we shared a lobster tail and it was to die for. Flaky, crispy pastry with sweet whipped pastry cream inside…yummm. I would eat one every other day if I lived in Boston, so it’s probably good that I don’t, so as to preserve my wallet and my waistline! We planned to go to Haymarket afterward, but suddenly the skies opened and it poured for half an hour. When it stopped, we strolled around Haymarket and bought some veggies for his mother and some cherries for ourselves.

Then we met my brother at the Common and went to Penang for dinner (my favorite!). Wonderful meal — roti canai (Indian pancake with chicken curry dipping sauce), coconut rice, lobster in a chili/shrimp sauce, fried pearl noodle (with shrimp, pork, sprouts, egg, etc.) and mango chicken. As per usual I had a huuuuge food baby afterward. Something about that place makes me overeat — maybe it’s because the food is out of this world…

We considered going to a Sox game that night, since I’ve never been to a major league game, but tickets stayed high because so many people stayed in the city after the parade. We also entertained the idea of going to a free Pointer Sisters concert at the Hatch Shell but ultimately we ended up just hanging out with my brother and then going home early to pack. I left at 7:30 am on Sunday. :(

I promise these last couple (ridiculously long) entries were exceptions — I’m going to try to keep things a bit shorter normally. Writing long posts is exhausting and I’m sure reading them is just as tiring!

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