This is a stick-up, stick-up

Good evening!

I’m sitting in the Newhouse BJ Lab, cruising the Internet because it’s my first shift as an Instructional Associate and no students showed up to the lab for computer/project/homework help tonight (it is the first day of class, after all). As per Kathleen’s suggestion, it seemed like a good time to update the blog!

Today I had my first class of the semester–TV Reporting with Professor Perez. We spent some time going over the syllabus and doing housekeeping things, and then we broke out the cameras and tripods [insert 8,000 other pieces of equipment here] and spread out around campus and Marshall Street to practice setting them up and interviewing people. I was definitely a little anxious, since the idea of asking random people questions is still nerve-wracking even after a summer of interviews and stories, but it went well and Professors Perez and Lysak were quick to help when Matt and I couldn’t get the nerve to stop passersby.

On Mondays, I have a 6.5 hour break after my class until my IA duties start at 7pm. I went home, ate lunch, lazed around and finally broke out the running shoes. I’m having some trouble with my left ankle–I think I overdid it Saturday with my 16-mile long run, followed by 8+ hours at the State Fair:

Ridiculous. But ankle = :(. I’ll have to be more careful on my next few runs and try to baby it a little so that I don’t injure myself.

This week should be exciting–I have a couple undergrad classes that I’m IAing, plus more TV Reporting, Avid Newscutter training sessions, and…International Reporting. Terry Anderson (the AP reporter who was held hostage in Lebanon for years) is my professor, and I’m beyond excited. :) And then Dan will be here for the weekend, and we have plans to go to the Fair with some of my BDJ classmates. It’s looking like a fabulous week!

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