Time warp

Today, while out on a story about a teenager killed in a car wreck, I ended up talking for a half hour to a 92-year-old man named Cleve who was in World War II. We sat on his porch swing and just talked. He was so sweet. I kept thinking about how odd it must be to have been born when he was (1921!) and have lived through the Great Depression and all these wars…and then to hear him on the phone with his 65-year-old daughter talking about text messages. Total time warp.

Looking back from the future

Just thinking as I lie here on my bedroom floor…some day, when I’m a reporter in Boston, I’ll look back at these days and smile. Remembering my apartment room in West Virginia, the size of a postage stamp. Eating beans and rice, shopping at Aldi, putting $10 of gas in my tank at a time. Livin’ the dream! But I’m doing what I want to do. :)

Good things

I really want to try to update this more than twice a month…we’ll see…

SO, here’s what’s going on in my life:

1) I just bought a pair of Vibram FiveFingers! They’re gray, green and black. I’m really excited for them and hope I can get used to them quickly. I finally can run more than 3 miles at a time again (this is huge, since I couldn’t for awhile b/c of my knee injury).

2) I have 6 days of class until my semester ends. This program is FLYYYYING by!

3) I’m going to be interning in Boston at NECN from December 27 until January 14.

4) Thanksgiving break was fantastic. I got a couple days to relax and clean and reorganize my life, then I went to Ithaca for a few days for Dan’s birthday. My brother was in town for Thanksgiving, so I stayed at my parents’ house, and then I had a couple MORE days to just relax. I saw so many friends and family members that I haven’t seen in months. It totally reenergized me and gave me the boost I need to get through the next couple weeks.

Edited to add: I’m pretty sure I have acid reflux, which is a fail. I’m working on figuring out what foods trigger it, how late at night I can eat, etc. This will be an adventure (sort of).

Every day I’m shufflin’

I’m officially a grad student!

In other news, my eyes hurt all day and I thought maybe my contacts were in the wrong eyes. Turns out I had two in each eye. How, you ask? Still trying to figure that out myself.

My classes start for real tomorrow and I’m pretty psyched. Being a real live person is pretty awesome and terrifying at the same time. I’ll keep ya posted…

Miracle I made it through the things I did

Six days ago, I emerged from the haze of undergraduate life and returned to life at my parents’ house. A box of half-eaten food, a Bachelor of Science degree and a ridiculous amount of memories made the journey with me.

I begin a new chapter of my life in three weeks — grad school for broadcast journalism. Until then, I’m in limbo.

I turn 22 next week. I move into my new apartment on July 1st. I start class on July 5th. If anything can top the last four years, the next 18 months may be it.

Somewhere between child and adult, college and grad school, one chapter and the next, I suddenly find myself with too much free time and too many thoughts. Suddenly, 140 characters on Twitter seems too little space for my impending quarter-life crisis.

This blog is the first I’ve had since my LiveJournal days, so the posts will probably be all over the place. I expect there will be insane descriptions of my cooking & eating foodie adventures, philosophical musings about life & grad school, and the occasional quotation drop. Essentially, my Twitter in long form. Get ready to rock.