Never gonna grow up, never gonna slow down

My Vibram FiveFingers came in the mail yesterday (so much faster than I expected).

I did a normal run in my old running shoes (New Balance), then put the Vibrams on to do another half mile. I love them! They’re definitely gonna take a gradual transition though. I’m hoping I can fit in a really short run this morning before I head to Ithaca for Dan’s formal.

I didn’t think I was hungry enough to cook an exciting dinner last night (I had a LaraBar at 4pm), but I figured I should use the salmon thawing in the fridge…

I sauteed strips of salmon in canola oil with chunks of one Roma tomato, some frozen broccoli and spinach, and a couple of white mushrooms all sliced up.

Then I mixed whole-wheat penne in with the salmon and veggies and threw in a couple spoonfuls of jarred pesto.

I think my only complaint was that it could’ve used more salt…but the pesto is so salty straight from the jar! For some reason, the flavor disappears a little. Oh well, still good.

So yesterday was also the BDJ Ugly Sweater Christmas party! I went shopping with Becca yesterday and we settled on just looking really tacky with glittery shirts from Walmart that say “Holiday Cheers!”

Went to the party around 8, which was a blast, and then most of us ended up going downtown to Daisy Duke’s.

Heading to Ithaca in a few hours! :)

Good things

I really want to try to update this more than twice a month…we’ll see…

SO, here’s what’s going on in my life:

1) I just bought a pair of Vibram FiveFingers! They’re gray, green and black. I’m really excited for them and hope I can get used to them quickly. I finally can run more than 3 miles at a time again (this is huge, since I couldn’t for awhile b/c of my knee injury).

2) I have 6 days of class until my semester ends. This program is FLYYYYING by!

3) I’m going to be interning in Boston at NECN from December 27 until January 14.

4) Thanksgiving break was fantastic. I got a couple days to relax and clean and reorganize my life, then I went to Ithaca for a few days for Dan’s birthday. My brother was in town for Thanksgiving, so I stayed at my parents’ house, and then I had a couple MORE days to just relax. I saw so many friends and family members that I haven’t seen in months. It totally reenergized me and gave me the boost I need to get through the next couple weeks.

Edited to add: I’m pretty sure I have acid reflux, which is a fail. I’m working on figuring out what foods trigger it, how late at night I can eat, etc. This will be an adventure (sort of).